With Great Power

Visitors: This is a backup online resource for a superhero role-playing game campaign set in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Comics Universe. The game is played using the Mutants & Masterminds rules (2nd Edition) and is run for a group of players in Fort Worth, Texas. Visitors are quite welcome but there is very little for non-players here.

Players: Remember, this is not a private website so no personal info, such as phone numbers, email addresses or actual addresses. First names (and last initials only).

Player News:

  1. Don’t forget to vote for what online service you would like for the primary online resource for this game! Some of the more common sources are; Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo or whatever you can think of that I didn’t. Let me know your vote so you can be counted.
  2. Also, vote for the name of the group (which is technically the name of the game as well). I have chosen ‘With Great Power’ so as to actually get this page started. This is the most famous quote (“With Great Power Comes—Great Responsibility”)of the great Stan Lee and is sums up this game in a sentence. But I am looking for a better name, give me one!
  3. The forum should be open and working now. Help me test it out by simply posting on it.
  4. Do we want to use the HeroClix map scale of 1.5" square grid? This scale will allow us to use our beautiful HeroClix figures but it does take up more space. And we know how much superheroes need their space given their godlike movement powers.

OK, This game is set in the alternate timeline of Earth-817 in the Marvel Universe. For comparison, the mainstream timeline is Earth-616, our mundane timeline (the one you are in now) is Earth-1218 and there are countless more possibilities within the Marvel Universe.

With Great Power

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