A Deck of Many Things is a magic item from the classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The deck is a deck of magical cards that either help or harm randomly but are never boring. That metaphor strikes me as something to aim for with this campaign.

I am a GM in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I am testing out Obsidian Portal and am very impressed so far.

This particular campaign is actually a resource for other campaigns. It serves two purposes; store information that any campaign could likely use and also to feature other campaigns that (for various reasons) don’t quite warrant a full Obsidian Portal campaign site of their own.

This eternal work-in-progress has barely begun but you are welcome to use what little there is right now. For now, most of what I have is links to online resources.

Hyperlinks for RPG Campaigns in General

Hyperlinks for Specific Campaigns

This campaign, included for completeness

Scion: “When Half-Gods Go”
This is my only other full-fledged campaign on Obsidian Portal. The children of gods and mortals fight the Second World War as you have never known.

In Nomine
The game of angels and demons fighting a secret war for the souls of us! A witty French RPG ‘Texan-ized’ by Steve Jackson Games. I’ve included some posts of mine that vanished from an In Nomine forum.

Eclipse Phase (under construction)
I like this new posthuman RPG very much. Due to circumstances, it will likely be a year or so before I can actually play a game.

Star Wars D6
A repository for Star Wars D6 material (IMO, the best Star Wars system).

With Great Power
A seed for a superhero game, set in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Universe, using the Mutants and Masterminds rules (2nd Edition), run for a group of players in Fort Worth.

The Deck of Many Things