In Nomine

A while back, I started an In Nomine game. It was a hoot and I would like to return to the game when I can get that same mix of players again. During that time, I posted a few In Nomine ideas on an internet forum. In a few weeks, though, my posts utterly vanished. I suspect Nybass or Valupa.
*In any case, I kept backups of my posts and will slowly add them here. This divine tether should be free of infernal machinations…

New Artifacts

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

When not activated, an FMJ looks like a trench coat made out of gold-colored material. The FMJ is a relic that can sing the Corporeal Song of Form at three points per level.
When the song is activated, the trench coat flows over the user’s form becoming armored skin, a suit of golden armor, or a literal armored trench coat; all depending on the whim of the user. However the golden color of the activated armor and the unactivated trench coat are a dead giveaway. Most celestially-aware beings are familiar with an FMJ. When the jacket song ends, the user may slightly adjust the cosmetic appearance of the jacket (essentially allowing the jacket to change between a man’s, woman’s or unisex jacket, in addition to sizing itself correctly to an owner).

The FMJ is a fairly recent development by Heaven and is being perfected by Jean and his servitors. Over time, they hope to make a bigger choice of garments so as to disguise the armor’s presence until activated.

Cupcake Pan

It looks like an antique cupcake pan with six cavities. And for a mundane that is ALL it is. But for the celestially-aware, a cupcake pan is an unusual reliquary. If the pan is in an oven at sunset and devil’s food cupcake mix is in one of the cavities, a filled cavity will suddenly cook into a delicious cupcake with one point of Essence for those who consume it.

The mix will stay fresh in a cavity indefinitely. A wrapped cupcake will stay fresh and Essence-filled indefinitely as well.

If an angel, saint, soldier of God or other heavenly-aligned being eats one of the devil’s food cupcakes, they will gain two points of Essence but also a Need/1 (eat more cupcakes) and Obese/1 for one day. For each extra cupcake the hapless victim eats during their ‘time of need,’ the Need and Obese Discords and the number of days that these are active also increase by one. So, a weak-willed angel could eat him or herself into a maximum of Need/6 and Obese/6 for six days if they are not prepared. Even the most mundane human and animal will get a sense that these cupcakes will take more than they will ever give. It may even be dissonant for an angel to knowingly and willingly eat one.

The cupcake pan was a joint project between Haagenti and Valupa. The extra Essence ‘leak’ to the other side was noticed as a flaw but kept as part of the design. The damned accountants of Hell calculated that the number of good souls that could be corrupted was worth the extra Essence.

But no demon ever asked what would happen if the pan will filled with angel food. The same thing happens when a demon eats an angel food cupcake. However, the demons get all weepy and guilt-ridden. It is definitely dissonant for a demon to eat a angel food cupcake. However, some are so desparate for the Essence it doesn’t slow them down any. Indeed, it has led to a few redemptions.

The cupcake pan design songs are now scattered throughout Heaven and Hell and everywhere in between. They were designed to corrupt and so Hell made them as easy to reproduce as possible. Since it is now been proven that the pans work as well for Heaven as Hell, the pans are now an embarassment to infernal forces everywhere and it is unwise to bring their history up ‘downstairs.’

Cupcake pans are three points a level, up to a maximum level of six.

In Nomine

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