Hyperlinks for RPG Campaigns in General

This page includes the URLs of the sites below so a printout will still have all of the necessary information. There’s no real order and likely won’t be for some time.

Printable Paper
There are over 700 templates for all kinds of specialty paper here, including the graph and hex paper we love so well.

RPPR Actual Play
Actual audio recording from actual RPG campaigns. An incredible resource for improving your game by hearing how other folks RP.

The SCP Foundation
Details a mysterious warehouse, full of unearthly objects to inspire just about any campaign.

Built in America
A collection of photographs and blueprints of old US buildings. A fantastic source for maps for RPGs set in the US past.

Gaming Music
A truly useful and popular (deservedly so) sister campaign here on Obsidian Portal.

2075 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG
RPG Humor, one of the classics

Hyperlinks for RPG Campaigns in General

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