Eclipse Phase

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I love the idea of this game. I believe the trans- and post-human future is the most likely scenario for Humanity’s future. But if you don’t care for all that, there is aliens, conspiracy, horror and psi.

More to come…

Here are some idle thoughts.

You can only introduce a brand new setting once. After that, no matter how fun the game is, it is largely familiar. But that first time can be something special.

While most gamers are an imaginative and open-minded lot (they have to be to be gamers), some settings are so wonderfully weird, they need a little extra information. Eclipse Phase is one of those games. The ‘rule’ book is about 10% rules and 90% setting. This is not a complaint but high praise indeed.

Also, some players don’t want to listen to the setting, they just want to be in it. So here is a possible campaign introduction that might appeal to some.

The player characters are ordinary humans. They are part of an alternate community that began in the year 2012.

Eclipse Phase

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